Thank you for visiting the Ark Church. The most important thing to know about us is that we are all about making much of Jesus and proclaiming the Gospel (Good News). We love hanging out, drinking coffee and chatting with everyone, so don’t hesitate to arrive early and meet some Arkians !!!


We worship together Sundays, 10AM at The Ark Chapel located at 12902 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407 Click for Google Directions


If you have children ages five and under, we provide a fully staffed nursery with qualified workers. The nursery will be to your right before you walk in the main doors. You’ll see a table with some workers waiting to check in your kids. All other children will sit in the Ark Chapel. Plan on showing up 5-10 minutes early if you have kids to check in.

Guest services TABLE

Just outside the main doors we have a guest or visitor resource table. There is a lot of stuff on this table, so take a few minutes to look it over. We have many free resources for you!


We like to mix it up a bit at the Ark – so while our service starts at 10am, we might have songs or skits or message in a variety of order as the Lord leads. The service usually lasts one hour. Our goal for Ark service is to bring our minds, hearts, voices and bodies together in worshiping Almighty God – that can be through singing songs, watching skits, engaging in discussions on God‘s Word and many more.


We have several opportunities to grow your knowledge of God’s Word. First is Men’s Bible study that meets every Friday at 7:00am in the Pour Coffee Shop. We also have a Ladies’ Bible study that meets every week to dig into God’s Word – Please contact Angela Bennett 850-819-7820 for more details. Why do we study the Bible? Because it is literally God’s word – the Bible is the most amazing book of all time. It is 66 chapters written by a massive variety of men and women over 1500 years on 3 continents. We believe it to be the actual thoughts, words and desires of God as spoken through humans. This is key to our church: The Bible is the most reliable collection of historical documents of all time, written by eyewitnesses during the life of other eyewitnesses, detailing supernatural events that fulfilled specific prophecies.


After each service we will reserve a time for any questions that you may have related to the message – we love dialogue so please feel free to hang around and ask any questions regarding any matter.